About Us

Cameron Mackintosh Ltd
Number One, Bedford Square

Number One, Bedford Square, is one of the great terraced houses of London and often considered the ‘ace in the pack’ of the 52 houses in the Square. Designed by Thomas Leverton in the late 1770s for Lionel Lyde, a tobacco merchant in the city and a director of the Bank of England. It was initially planned to look like all of the other houses in the Square, but narrower. However, Lyde is believed to have struck a deal with the builder of the house two doors down on Bloomsbury Street to obtain an extra 6 foot of building space. This allowed for the distinctive wide central entrance, a rare exception for standard three bay Georgian houses in London. Due to its architectural importance, the house is Grade I listed. Cameron Mackintosh Ltd moved into Number One in 1988 after they outgrew their previous offices which were located around the corner in Museum Street. A few years later, they also acquired their Grade II listed neighbour, Number Two Bedford Square.

Our Team

Cameron Mackintosh - Chairman

Nicholas Allott - Non Executive Vice Chairman

Alan Finch - Managing Director

Richard Johnston - Director

Richard Knibb - Chief Financial Officer

Robert Noble - Deputy Managing Director

Thomas Schönberg - Executive Producer

Jane Austin - Assistant to Cameron Mackintosh

Claire Delfont - Assistant to Nicholas Allott

Lisa Jackson - Assistant to Alan Finch

Lauren Fourtout-Davies - Assistant to Richard Knibb

Thomas Schönberg - Executive Producer

Matt Gordon - Associate Producer

Rob Ottey - Associate Producer

Jess Wright - Associate Producer

Hannah Johnson - Production Administrator

Harry Totham - Production Assistant

David Dolman - Marketing Director

Emily Naughton - Account Director

Susannah Ostrom - Account Director

Angeline Teo - Graphic Designer

Keith Kenny - Sales & Ticketing Director

Maria Baxter - Licensing Manager

Richard Knibb - Chief Financial Officer

Kim Duffett - Group Accounts Manager

Michelle Paterson - Deputy Accounts Manager

Carmel Mawson - Accounts Assistant

Kingston Smith LLP - Accountants

Rosy Runciman - Archivist

Natasha Hannah - Assistant Archivist

Rick Pappas - Production Counsel

Paul Wooller - Head of Casting

Felicity French - Casting Director

Trevor Jackson - Associate Casting Director

Jerry Donaldson - Technical Director

Chris Boone - Senior Production Manager

Helen Guest - Production Manager

Neil Mickel - Deputy Production Manager

Stephen Metcalfe - Head of Music

Adrian Smith - Office & IT Manager

James McCormick - Assistant Office & IT Manager

Nicholas Mackintosh - Foundation Appeals Director

Seth Sklar-Heyn - Executive Producer, New York

Simon Raw - Raw PR

Stacey Pedder - Raw PR

Emily Webb - Raw PR